Woman Gets Warrant and Fine for Selling Tamales in Her Neighborhood


Did anyone get sick? Nope. Just a busybody neighbor with too much time and righteous indignation on his/her hands. This is in the DFW Metroplex, but I have long adored my local tamales ladies here in Houston. I had one bad experience referenced elsewhere, but I actually begged online for a tamale lady hook-up until I discovered Alamo and Gerardo’s locally. (Short version, I was cheated not poisoned.) We have a looooooong tradition of tamale preparation and distribution hereabouts.

Anyway, this is why we can’t have nice things. Cause some folks would rather be prissy prigs than enjoy a good home made tamale. And as un amante de tamales, I just can’t respect that.


No more of a risk than what is purchased in a supermarket IMO.
She should be certified in safe food handling though


We have quite a few tamale ladies, and one man to boot. Our 1/2 rural 1/2 urban environment with a long and large Hispanic population creates a naturally market. No one ever bothers them.
Small town life.


Meddling busybodies- they had the option to not buy the tamales, but Nooooo- had to make sure nobody could, and got somebody in trouble to boot. Some people are a-holes.

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