Woman facing jail time for selling homemade ceviche

Heard about this on the radio on my way in to work this morning…


I thought it was interesting. If you don’t, oh well.

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I’m sure people actually do it til they get caught. I used to read an expat forum based in Chile and there was an Indian who advertised he could cook Indian food for other foreigners (for a cost of course). And he got orders.


People sell homemade food to neighbors and friends all over, esp. in urban emigrant communities. But doing it via the internet in any form (here or CH or Facebook or Twitter or whatever) is stupid - well let’s just use the kinder term naive. Nothing here online is private! I don’t remember any posts about it here on HO but on CH like clockwork every few months some clown wants to know if we will tell him about folks selling food out of their own kitchens. Yes, I’m totally going to get my neighbor in legal trouble by telling some stranger on an internet message board about their little penny-ante off the books operation where they sell to people they know personally.


Wow - talk about overkill. A sting operation? All you need is the health inspector. One of my cousins is a chief health inspector for a Canadian province. He had to shut a lady down for doing homemade stuff for a charitable purpose. People were shaking their heads.

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