Wolfgang Puck: 'Waiters make $120,000 a year but I can't find them'


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Meh Puck. The 1%ers might earn ‘at the rate of’ $120k because they only claim maybe 10% of their tips.

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Yeah, I like to not impose my view when I initially post something, but this story reeks.



pre-covid, multiple high end restos eliminated tips, paid everyone a living wage, (may have) provided health care.
their best staff left.
they left not because they were so happy, the left because they took huge pay cuts.
google is your friend, one can research the issue.

if one accepts the every popular previous meme that waitstaff make millions, but the kitchen is on minimum state/Federal wage, this all makes sense. the world is rife with concrete proven examples of normal+bonus unemployment > working income.
deny it if one wishes, but in many places - not all places - it is true.

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My brother (who is a partner/executive chef at a high-end restaurant/champagne bar in Chicago) has actually said the same thing. I don’t think his wait staff makes $120K a year, but they do make substantially more than most other employees - my brother actually started waiting tables during COVID when they were running a skeleton crew and said he is doing the wrong job! Now that they are trying to get back to full operation and he is needed in the kitchen, they are definitely having trouble keeping all of their shifts covered (both back and front of house).


Setting the straw man aside however; the pay disparity between the front and back of house is settled science.


There are also comments from hospitality people furloughed by Covid telling their mental and physical relief at not working the jobs and hours they had previously taken for granted.


perhaps in your mind.
employees seems to have other opinions.

Perhaps we need clarification. I read RD’s post to mean that the fact of FOH/BOH disparity was now well documented.


Thank you. That’s correct.