Wojia Hunan Cuisine dinner on Thursday-Albany


Follow up to the lunch posted by Ernie.
Every table was filled on a Thursday evening with parking next door. We will definitely return to taste more dishes.
Students from Hunan were seated at the table next to us - they like this authentic food.
We like it, too : Chairman Mao Braised Pork (with quail eggs), bittermelon, Hunan Noodles, Stewed Eggplant with smoked pork, Hunan style Toothpick Lamb.

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Great photos. You say the top one is the Chairman Mao Braised Pork? It’s different from what we had, a big chunk of pork shoulder, not pre-cut. I do see that there are two mentions of this dish on the menu.

Classic Dishes
#5. Chairman Mao Braised pork $13.95

Ah. We had Five Wows
#3 Chairman Mao Stew Pork Hock $18.95