[Withington, Manchester] Sanskruti

Successful return visit to this entirely casual vegetarian place between Withington and Burnage.

We are omnivores and enjoy vegetarian as much as meat based meals. One of my regular starters in an Indian restaurant is seekh kebab – usually moist, well spiced lamb. Sanskruti do their own veggie version. It looks the part – three long “sausages”, where the vegetable mix has been moulded round a skewer before being cooked. I’m not sure what the content was, other than there were little nuggets of nut and the obvious presence of peas – for the remainder, think the consistency of a falafel, although it may well not have been chickpeas. The spicing was pretty much as the traditional meat versions. Nice. That was followed with kadai paneer. I understand “kadai” is the type of pan it’s traditionally cooked in. And what they cook is a generous portion of paneer in a sauce that uses a lot of ground coriander and Kashmiri chilli – so very assertive in the use of spices. Paneer isn’t something I often order but this was really nice

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the restaurant offers a thali and it can be difficult to think past ordering this. It’s always good and was pretty much unchanged from when we were last here – onion bhaji, lentil & potato patty, aubergine curry (nice chunks with some texture), paneer in a creamy tomato sauce, daal, chopped salad, raita. And for carbs – rice, papad and roti. The dessert was the only change from the last visit – this time, a small “doughnut” in a very sweet syrup. This all works and you can have a great “mix and match” meal. Even though the individual portions are small, it all adds up to a substantial offering.