Wish I was driving in Maine today......................

I really wonder if they were still alive why they couldn’t be sold.

I’d gladly help with the cleanup and a grilled lobster lunch by the roadside.

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“Police say the lobster cannot be eaten because of how long it was unrefrigerated.”

You’re right, if they were still alive that shouldn’t really matter, should it?

Would the meat get bruised and mushy from the force of the crash?

I don’t think so, lobsters are pretty much man handled through the entire catching, packaging, shipping process, I don’t think this would have been much different.

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Oh man - I need to check posts more often. My parents live in Brunswick. Imagine the feast!


I have a neighbor who is a diesel mechanic and one day a Shop Rite truck broke down mid delivery and they towed it in. Since the truck was without refrigeration for however long they said they couldn’t sell the inventory and allowed everyone to take what they wanted.

My neighbor who drives a dually truck came home with the cab and bed of his truck over flowing with groceries. The frozen products were still frozen! It was amazing. lol

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Yum, crustacean road kill!!

Beware of crabs crossing the road!!!


I’m thinking they mean by the time a new/different truck comes, packs them up and then delivers to the final destination they will not have survived- especially if they’re in crates not in tanks of water