Wisconsin Supper Clubs... Fish Fry... Fish Boil...?

When I travel, I like to explore the local dining culture. I’m going to be spending some time in eastern WI (Door County and also the Sheboygan area). I’m kind of intrigued about the concept of supper clubs. Is a visit to one (or more) something that’s a must-do? Can someone help me understand the attraction of these places? From what I’ve seen online, I can’t figure out what sets these places apart from other restaurants with similar menus.

Also, are the fish boils I’ve been reading about more about the “experience” or about the food? I guess what I’m asking is, is boiled fish really tasty? And is a fish fry a must-do?

What else should I not miss while I’m in WI? Thanks!

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Friday fish fry is a must.

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Friday fish fry at a supper club is fresh local fish (frquently perch or if you’re lucky, walleye) fried in a light batter or breading. Delicious, but the good ones will be slammed. Have an old-fashioned or a Manhattan, and go home and play euchre for a textbook summer Friday night in the Midwest.

Fish boils are tasty, and are something to see.

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Thanks, Sunshine. If Fridays are the only days for a fish fry, I’m out of luck. We’ve got only one Friday on our trip and we’ll be in Michigan’s UP that night.

There are supper clubs and fish fry in Michigan, too.

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