Winning and losing a Michelin star

This article makes mexwant to reject the star! Not that i usually choose like that.


One of the nicest restaurants I’ve eaten at, Number One at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, lost its star this past year, too.

I can’t see how a restaurant that has a 150 GBP tasting menu wouldn’t be worthy of a a star, when a NYC spot with $35 pastas and brusque staff/service might have a star. (To be fair, that NYC resto I’m thinking of also lost its star :rofl:)

Toronto just received its first guide this year. I don’t care. I don’t use it, and whether a restaurant has or doesn’t have a star won’t influence whether I visit.

reading this makes me feel so bad for these restaurants. both chefs handled the “demotion” with class and grace. have no idea how much it hurts them and others, but certainly for me, M stars have never meant much. have not bee to la toque but when i lived in SF, mourad was a favorite lunch destination for me and can only hope they make!


I have given up on the vagaries of Michelin in the UK.

Places get stars when others of similar or higher quality don’t. Places lose stars for reasons difficult to understand.

Every year, Michelin seems to be less relevant to modern dining. Even modern high end dining.

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