Wink and Nod (South End?)

We went to Wink and Nod for the first time this past weekend. It is essentially a “speak easy” style place (dark, pretty bar, louder music, in the basement level) that does “pop-up” (so many quotes in this post, sorry) kitchen concepts. They just changed to an Italian menu and I have to say, we really enjoyed it.

For appetizers we had a roasted octopus with mushrooms and potatoes. It was very savory with the mushrooms and really enjoyable. We also had a duck confit radicchio salad, which my husband loved but I was just okay (bitter greens are not my favorite).

For mains we had a rotolo - picture a slice of a rolled lasagna with mushrooms and veal. It was excellent. We also had the gnocchi which was light in a rich parmesan sauce.

I’ve don’t remember anyone every talking about this place before, but we really enjoyed ourselves. It is dark and the music is on the louder side (not horrible for us but noticeable) so keep that environment in mind, but worth a pop in if you’re looking for something in that part of town.


I’ve generally enjoyed the different pop ups that I’ve tried at Wink and Nod. Haven’t checked it out since it changed to Italian, will have to.