WingStop to open in Port Chester...

Wing Stop, a national chain out of Texas, will open its first Westchester eatery in Port Chester. It will be right next door to Brandi, a new trattoria that is also in the works on Abendroth Street. Should be interesting as there already is a Buffalo Wild Wings across the street in the Mall…

I don’t understand stuff like this. There are all of 3 BWW’s in the county and they have to open right near one of them? Why not go somewhere that doesn’t have a wing restaurant and not have the competition? Also, that whole strip where BWW is located seems not to be doing that well. Applebee’s and Panera both closed, and either of them closing a location is rare.

It reminds me of Auto Zone. They don’t seem to have a location development staff. They just find out where Advance Auto Parts has opened and look for space nearby.


Stopped in yesterday to the sound of loud music. But the place is apparently up and running…wings looked pretty good. Will give them a try soon…anyone else?

Just had some pretty good (nice and crunchy) wings at Pelham Gourmet Express (more express than gourmet). They had hot sauce on the vegetarian table. The place is a bunch of stations/counters and hot trays

I agree with @MisterBill, it does seem like an odd location given the proximity of BWW. I haven’t been to a Wing Stop recently but as I recall the two are largely interchangeable, although I believe BWW offers a more comprehensive menus with sandwiches/salads/things other than wings. I only go to this sort of place when I specifically want wings, and then only because it’s hard to find REAL Buffalo wings anywhere else in this part of the world. BWW and Wing Stop’s wings aren’t anything special but they are at least fried naked and sauced with a reasonably good Buffalo-style sauce, which makes them better than 90% of the “Buffalo” wing offerings at non-chain places around here.

As it happens, we were in Mt. Vernon for an appointment last night and DH wanted wings while he watched the football game, so we stopped into the BWW in New Rochelle. It was busy but not as packed as I would have expected given the big game. Wings were decent and service was prompt. Their sauce is weirdly thick but otherwise tasty enough. The “medium” is just a bit milder than what I would consider a classic Buffalo sauce; we had some with the spicy garlic sauce last night and I liked it a bit better (slightly spicier with black pepper and garlic added; not a true Buffalo sauce but a bit more interesting than their version of medium).

They are opening another location in Yonkers on Central Avenue in the Tanglewood shopping center, I saw this as I drove by today. They received a fair number of harsh reviews on yelp FWIW

And how Lowe’s always opens a store near Home Depot.

And a CVS next to or near a Rite Aid…

Chowdom, that sign must have gone up in the past few days. I don’t remember seeing it last week when I was wondering if something good would open where Seeme’s was. (And what a hell hole that place was. The food and staff were disgusting.) Well it looks like the answer is no.

Just another overpriced wing specialist.

I find that the best wings in the area are those at Lazy Boy Saloon, and on Thursday nights when they are half price. Or free during happy hour weekdays…

I haven’t liked the wings at any of the new wing joints like Hurricane, BBW, etc. But just to see I will try out WS, but their prices are high. I don’t think wings are worth $1 each, plus I have several small and medium deep fryers, plus a full size restaurant fryer in storage. (I got it for $50 at an auction two years ago.) And since I don’t like all the fancy sauces, just plain Buffalo style, preferably made with Trappeys Louisiana Red Devil sauce and butter, or my own fermented cayenne sauce, I often make them at home. I’ll buy 5-10 lbs of wings when they are on sale and vac pack and freeze them.

Going back a few years, I was really bummed that the Chinese restaurant at the Tanglewood shopping center closed. It was where Baskin Robbins is now. They had really good American style Chinese food. Not oily, gloppy, and sugar loaded sauces like the majority of Chinese places in the area.

I still remember when the Tanglewood Boys hung out at the shopping center and a few other locations in Westchester like Mr. L’s steakhouse (which was previously the Lazy Bull, and some other steakhouse even earlier) which became a late night dance club on weekends, where the funeral home currently is at Central Ave/Tuckahoe Rd. Also at De Palo’s Dugout in White Plains, which also became a dance club on weekends, near where the Fore N Aft was. My younger sister dated one of their outliers for a few years back in her early to late teens, he was around 5 years older than her. Back in the early to mid 80’s, before they started to get attention in the 90’s.

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I’ve noticed it the other way around. I have seen Rite Aid open several locations near a CVS, or Walgreen’s.

I had always heard that was a really good Chinese place. Too bad.

Sorry to go off-topic, but was the Chinese place Golden Wok, before Central Seafood went in? We really enjoyed it. It reminded me of the Chinese restaurants on Avenue U in Brooklyn when I was growing up in the mid-60s and 70s (Richard Yee’s, Lum Yen).

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I went to school with one of said outliers - one of the gentler of the bunch. :wink: Maybe he was the one your sister dated! Anyway - I miss Golden Wok too!

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It was great. My family lived about 1/4 mile from Tanglewood and Golden Wok was a weekly eat-in/take-out spot that we loved. They made a heck of a pu-pu platter with all the Polynesian bells & whistles. :slight_smile:

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Yes - Golden Wok. Growing up a few blocks from it, it was my first Chinese (Chinese-American) restaurant. It was definitely old school and something special.

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I am trying to remember when the shopping center was built so I can better search. I’m obsessed now with trying to help answer your question. I think the link below pre dates the shopping center where Central Seafood is located.

Maybe the mods can move these posts, to their own thread, there have been so many a few really good Chinese restaurants on Central avenue Yonkers, Scarsdale, Hartsdale over the years.

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That place had a rep even when I was growing up. Sadore Lane


Please don’t stress about it. When Golden Wok in the Tanglewood Shopping Center closed years ago, Central Seafood opened up in their location for a short amount of time (maybe about a year or two). I remember picking up their paper dim sum menu and wondering why the Hartsdale address was on it. Not long after that closed, the first of two Indian places opened.

Thx, no stress I enjoy researching this kind of stuff. I remember several Chinese restaurants in that space some good some bad. I had no recollection of central seafood ever being there, cool.

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