Wine: NYT on Maggie Harrison, a unique winemaker

Fascinating read: she has synesthesia, so she sees flavors as colors:

Maggie Harrison’s War on Wine
Her painstaking blends are dazzling diners and critics — and upending long-held notions about how winemaking is supposed to work.
NYTimes by Alex Halberstadt July 4, 2023

NYT free link: Maggie Harrison’s War on Wine


this was a nice profile of a fascinating wine maker. i’ve been on the waitlist over a year in the hopes of trying her wines one day.

Her wines are better than the article!
But at those prices, not too often!

If you are seriously interested in ‘inormed wine discussion’ on the topic, visit

She reminds me of the late Sean Thackrey, eccentric winemaker in Bolinas, CA.