Wine for women and wealthy, beer for youth - drinking survey in France

Saw this today in several media. Summarised from Huffington Post.
What are the drinking habits of your country? Any similarities with the results here?

According to the barometer Sowine / SSI 2015, a study conducted annually on French wine, liquor consumption in France differs depending on the age, sex and living standards of respondents. You are more of a beer lover? Wine? champagne or cocktail?

Key findings of this study:

Prefer wine as much as beer, you must be less than 25%
Only age group (18-25) love as much wine and beer. But this could change. According to figures from the INPES, between 2010 and 2014, beer consumption is the only one to have grown unlike other types of alcohol.

Women prefer a glass of champagne than a glass of whiskey
If women consume twice less spirits than men, they also drink twice as much sparkling wine (including Prosecco, Cava, etc.). Women are 22% said consumed preferably the effervescent wine from all alcoholic beverages.

Sparkling wines thus come second after wines known as “quiet” which gather 29% of the vote, far behind the spirits that only 6% of women prefer to consume.

The more you earn, the more wine you drink
The higher the standard of living, the greater the interest in wine consumption increases. Thus, when earnings exceed € 4,000 per month, 49% of respondents say they prefer to consume wine, against 29% of those with incomes of less than € 2,675. People with the lowest incomes are also more likely to not drink alcohol at all, 17% against 6% for more than € 4,000.

More cocktail fans in Paris than anywhere else in France
In France, cocktail consumption as much place in the private (at home or at friends) than in bars and restaurants. More than 40% of youth report consuming cocktails in bars, a phenomenon even more reinforced in Paris because the number of bar serving alcoholic beverages such is higher than elsewhere in France.

If there is no direct link between the consumption of cocktails and the wine, plus interest and knowledge about wine is developed, the barometer also shows that we focus even more on mixology.