Wine, Chocolate and Cheese are superfoods now? YAY!

They’ve always been super foods to me.


I love it!!! Woo hoo!!

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I don’t believe this. If these are the foods for slimming down, then Americans should be way ahead of the curve. We love cheese, chocolate, dairy and wine. It must be some other kind of foods.

Or their distorted concept of portion size.

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Or their accompaniment by a diet rich in sugars and starches, the cause of the diabesity and thinbesity epidemics.

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Ha ha ha. I have not heard of this word before, but I have a guess what you mean. I just happened to saw a video of Al Sharpton last night. My gosh. He got really thin. No, I don’t mean thinning like Chris Christie or Mike Huckebee. Sharpton got much thinner.

“Thinbesity” is actually a term researchers and health experts use to describe those who are thin, but what fat they do have is concentrated in their middles, typically surrounding their organs there. Very high risk of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease and all that goes with.

As for Al Sharpton, he could gain back a few. He looks like a bobblehead doll.

Ah, the Daily Mail. Certainly my go-to source for factual information.:unamused:

I think Woody Allen already parodied this kind of thinking.

The gap between most of people’s knowedge of what the food they actually eat is actually doing for or against their own individual heart/arteries, kidneys, colon, digestive tract and liver is mostly very wide and disconnected. “Super-foods” are another misleading idea about eating that is part of people trying to eat gluten-free when some of them definitely should eat glutens or thinking mass produced cheese is the same as small batch, or trying to lose weight by eating very little other than meat or imagining there is no downside to drinking wine if you are not genetically from a wine-producing culture. Not to mention the amount of destruction that is caused at so many levels by converting too much land to cocoa production, as just one small example.

Want to use food to enhance your health? Find a good nutritionist who looks at you first, and your environment.

Thanks, I was wondering about their credibility… sort of like our National Inquirer then :wink: