Windsor Dim Sum and Bar

We went to Windsor Dim Sum and Bar in Quincy for Mother’s Day. We used to frequent the one in Chinatown, which is I believe the same group, but haven’t been in a while. IIRC the menu is a bit different. Not surprisingly, it was mobbed but we got two spots at the bar making it slightly tricky to catch the carts but we managed. One orders via a check-list menu, supplemented by catching the cart-ladies. The food was excellent. A couple of observations: the soup dumplings, while delicious, had very little soup in them. We asked about chow fun, as there were no noodle dishes on our menu(s) and the bar-tender handed us two additional menus. So now we know when we return to ask for All of the menus before we order! We will definitely be back.


I believe this is run by the proprietors of the former Super 88 Dim Sum Chef. I went to the original after the second one opened and they said I should stick with the original. So I’m really curious as to how the food quality compares.

thanks for the review! lots of good stuff in Quincy these days, it seems. I need to get back there to try Chili Square.