Winchester, VA - Markets, vineyards, lunches & breakfasts

I’ll be in this area in mid-April at a rental house and plan to cook! It’s a bit early for area farmers markets but hopefully there are some good grocery options that focus on local products.

Several of the folks joining me have never explored this part of the country. Would love to find breakfast or lunch spots that have regional specialties. Open to dinner ideas too! The Inn at Little Washington is about an hour away but too expensive for this visit.

Winery tastings, a little foraging for morels are penciled in…any other activities of the semi- sedentary type?


I just returned from the cooking retreat. We never ate out but had fantastic communal meals and sampled a lot of local wine!

Food Maxx grocery in Winchester was a fantastic resource. It’s a discount grocery with a very good selection of ethnic items (fresh, canned and frozen). Another grocery in Winchester was Martins - which filled the gaps of items we couldn’t find at Food Maxx. A Fresh Market is being built and should open in the summer.

Closer to the retreat location was The Locke Store - quite small but holds a wonderful array of wine, cheese, chocolate and prepared gourmet goodies. They do wine and cheese tasting too.

This area has dozens of vineyards. Our sampling was conducted through bottles from the Locke Store since there simply weren’t enough hours in the day.

I did take a nice drive (a bit over an hour each way) to purchase some freshly caught mountain trout (rainbow and golden) at

I had brought my Foodsaver to package extra which several of us brought back home.

Great area to cook and explore regional wines!