Willie's Crisp, Christmas Version

I really love this recipe and always double it, give most to a friend and his family.

This time I decided to use sliced Granny Smith apples (11 cups) and Cranberries (3 cups … thought they’d cook down.) I always cut back the sugar in the fruit part, not the topping. I was thinking it might be too juicy so instead of 4 T flour with the fruit, I put 5 T. No bueno. Next time maybe just 2 T. I mixed in with the fruit 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg, 1 teaspoon ground ginger, 2 teaspoons cinnamon.

It’s a lot easier than making a pie and it’s delicious.


Should be at least as good with Bosc pears, which are often paired with cranberries. Also, a bit of almond extract makes apple and pear desserts more special.


Your crisp looks delicious and your plate is lovely!

Thank you!

By the way, mine always takes about 45 minutes.


Is that a Villeroy & Boch pattern?

Yes. It’s dainty looking, I liked the pattern for a long time before I bought dinner plates, etc. Normally, I like simple looks. I never get tired of this one.


I have a love affair with plates and tableware. One of my most painful experiences was passing the Villeroy & Boch factory driving on a business trip with my husband in Germany and he refused to get off of the exit so I could look around. We were living in the Netherlands at the time and I could have really done well hauling stuff back from their outlet.


Are you still married?! :grinning:


So unacceptable!!!

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43 years…


He’s an engineer - working a NATO defense project. Had stressful stuff ahead of him and I was tagging along. I forgive him but I do regret the opportunity and I still weep about what I missed :smiling_face_with_tear:


I love Willie’s crisp, but only think to make it in the summer. This sounds great - thanks for the inspiration!

If you make it, Granny Smith apples and cranberries are ideal. Next time I’ll slice the apples thicker so they will be firmer.

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I made a double recipe, kept 3 portions, gave my friend the rest for his family. Later he told me he ate half of it and next day his wife heated it up in the oven and it was as good as new. He’s going to make it now too. It’s even tasty cold!