Will it waffle?

I mixed everything in a bowl and lastly added the melted butter to the mixture. Then when the waffle machine was ready, I poured the shredded potatoes on the heated plates, leaving out the liquid. During the cooking, a lot of vapour coming out from the potatoes, I turned the machines to ensure it cooked both sides regularly (Maybe I shouldn’t do this!). But butter kept dripping from the plates onto the worktop and eventually into the machine, meaning entering into the gaps in the part not intended for cooking food.

My sub-question to this question is “Will it waffle… in a bubble waffle machine?” I have a feeling most of these ideas and recipes wouldn’t translate well.

Can your bubble waffle machine use the recipes of normal waffle machine?

Don’t know. Never tried anything but making the bubble waffles (aka HK egg-y cakes.). This particular waffle machine might be a bear to clean up though.

Not a summertime thing - but reheating thanksgiving stuffing in the waffle maker is awesome.

Thanks for trying the puff pastry, I always wanted to try that just never got around to it.

The crispy rice - a la bibimbap - sounds great too.

I tried it with thawed Cavendish hash brown patties. They half-stuck, but the part that released properly was nice and crisp. The center of the patties may not have thawed completely - that was the part that stuck.

I have to think the whole frozen aspect would throw it all off kilter - cooling the plates too quickly, sticking, not cooking through. I wonder if something like freeze dried hash browns (the kind you use when camping) might crisp and release better since they wouldn’t be frozen.

Was about to reheat some leftover falafel and it occurred to me that they’d be great recrisped in a waffle iron. Sadly, I still haven’t located mine.

A quick websearch shows that SeriousEats says no to straight falafel waffling but yes to falafel in a pita being waffled: Falafel Waffles = Wafalafels.

I think I either need to go on a hunt through the cabinets or break down and buy a new cheap waffler.

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Leftover Cold slab of mac n cheese gets a nice crunch.
Turn a grilled cheese into bites
Grilled pbj
Leftover steamed rice into patties for sushi fillings

Ooh. So crispy rice sushi?

Crispy, yes but also a sushi bun vs a roll up filled with yum ingred.

Fill a pita pocket with falafel and THEN hit the waffle iron…brilliant!

I waffled crab cakes on my George Foreman grill a while ago. Sadly, the waffle plate oxidized when I put it in the dishwasher. If I replace the plate…
Chocolate chip Panettone French Toast waffles
French toast waffles with cherries

Potato pancakes

I saw a FB video for wafflemaker popcorn. You spread kernels in a single layer in all the grooves, spritz kernels and the top grid with baking spray, and close. Hold lid down, if necessary, to contain the popcorn until popping stops. It’s enough for one or two servings, depending on the size of your appliance.

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You go first.


Someone needs to try this to show me it doesn’t produce squished popcorn.

I imagine it depends on your wafflebaker, but it would cost you less than what - a nickel?- to test if your appliance is suitable.