Wild Scallions and other Rt. 36 questions.

Why is Wild Scallions empty, but the Leonardo Motel is always flashing “No Vacancy” ? Whatever they’re doing in there could make them hungry. Why is “The Quay” in the same state it was 6 months ago? Why is The Fairbanks Motel a pile of rubble with no more restaurant? Why don’t more people know how great (although pricey) 2nd Jetty is? And why is there a steaming pile of rubble smack dab in the middle of Sea Bright where The Mad Hatter is supposed to be? So many questions, and summer is almost here.

There was a rumor a year or two ago that someone bought the Wild Scallion and was going to build an Italian restaurant there. Never heard anything more. Can’t blame them for backing out. Horrible location.

The motel is usually full in the winter with people there for “extended stay”. In the summer it gets beachgoers who can’t get into some of the other area hotels.

What’s that? Like when you decide you want to stay there and you like the pool and facilities so much you decide to “extend your stay”? Like that Greg?

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Assuming this is a serious question, it’s when you need a room for a week or two rather than just a night or two. Extended Stay hotel rooms usually have a kitchenette, and a sofa or other seating space. Oh, and enough drawer space for your clothing --hotels these days seem to have hardly any drawer space.

Where on Route 36 are you talking about?

My apologies, I know what extended stay is. I thought (wrongfully so) Greg was eluding to “short stay” motels, notorious for “cheaters”.

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I believe you could say that too.


For those that go way back (before my time), this place was The Lobsterman. It lasted decades, supposedly, and was beloved in the area.


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We were just talking about the Mad Hatter this weekend. Work does not seem to have progressed lately. No posts on their FB page since August. There was a FB page called “Bring Back the Mad Hatter” which documented their legal battles. It’s been taken down.

Isn’t there a building up at the quay? In fact I think two and one is weird looking.

What’s up with gaiters?

I saw sawa in Eatontown is closed too.

Sawa Eatontown has been closed a year maybe two by now. Don’t know what happened just one day they stopped opening the doors, never read or heard why.

Wow, I never noticed.

What’s going in south side of the hatter? At least the hatter has a structure up and it isn’t a rubble lot.

I heard it was immigration issues - but I recall hearing that quite some time ago. So I googled…


Could it really be closed since 2011?

Yeah I remember that but they remained open for some time after that debacle.

Didn’t realize that - I guess I didn’t pay that close of attention. I wonder who ran it while the owners were otherwise occupied.

It lasted far past 2011. I am not sure when it closed but I just noticed it closed. I’m not generally looking at Sawa when I’m trying to avoid an accident when 35 and 36 come together lol :smile: That area is a mess. Speaking of that, has anyone been to pho99 lately?

If memory serves me correctly there were 3 partners, only the one went camping.

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I can never figure out what lane I’m supposed to be in at that intersections - and it doesn’t mater what direction I’m traveling.

I think I went to Sawa once but I can’t remember when - or why.

There’s a brand new banquet hall at the Quay location. I don’t know the name. A Google search turns up nothing.