Why no Montreal/Quebec category?

I hate to open a can of worms (or a can of duck) here, but I am a little miffed that there is a Toronto/Ontario category but not a Montreal/Quebec category, when the latter has a far richer and more original set of cuisines, as well as more notable restaurants. Where is Toronto’s Joe Beef, AuPDC, Schwartz’s, La Banquise? Its bagels, its poutine, its tourtiere, its smoked meat?

And does TO even have a steak seasoning named for it? :smile:

I know, i know. One could also make a case for Vancouver eclipsing Toronto, food wise, and being of more interest for us West Coast types. And then…

I made a Toronto category first because I sent a Toronto user a note inviting him and his pals to come but haven’t heard back yet :smile:

Certainly not ‘prioritizing cuisines’ here!

Toronto has Caplansky’s though :wink:. I am sure the Schwartz’s supporters have something to say about comparing Caplansky’s to Schwartz’s…

I’d glady open any categories if folks want to post in them!

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I wouldn’t mention Caplansky’s in the same sentence as Schwartz’s , and I’m not a Montrealer or a major Schwartz’s fan. ; )

But on the topic of steak spice, Toronto does have a respectable steak seasoning - Barberian’s Steak Spice, even if it isn’t named after the city. I like it better than McCormick’s Montreal Steak seasoning. :slight_smile:

I love dining in Mtl, and my buck goes farther for better food in Mtl than TO, but I hope we won’t be big city dining rivals on this site! I look fwd to seeing what you make of your Mtl /QC board . :slight_smile:

Moving thread to the Montreal board since we are talking the scene there now.

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Yes, comparisons are odorous, as Dogberry would say. We don’t need food fights on this board (now that we’ve bullied Montreal onto the site).

And I think we should declare St. Viateur Bagels v. Fairmount Bagels a draw before a discussion even gets started.

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I’m glad to see this Board. We plan to be in Montreal in a couple weeks and I haven’t even started my homework (or booked a hotel, for that matter).

Looking forward to a little brain picking. . . .

I don’t think welcoming Atlantic Canadians will be detrimental to our board - but of course if any significant number should show up, they could have their own board! There has always been a problem with largest cities dominating regional sites - and in Québec this is compounded by the fact that far fewer people in Québec City and other centres are fluent in English.

But even on the Ontario board at Chowhound (just for example), I’ve always found it hard to get responses about the Ottawa (National Capital) region, where I have family and work colleagues.

By the way, I said “Atlantic Canada” rather than “Maritimes” because the Atlantic also includes Newfoundland.

“when the latter has a far richer and more original set of cuisines”


Please, no food fights! I always enjoy my visits to Toronto in culinary terms - just wish they had byows like we have, with no corkage fee - and our Toronto (and other Ontario) friends enjoy their visits here.

FR-EN and EN-FR translator is now available!

Like I said in another post:

“I recommend a regional forum for the Atlantic region, Quebec, Ontario, the prairies and BC. Quebec, Ontario and BC have a lot of foodies and the prairies and the atlantic region are unique enough to warrant their own board. There might not be a ton of people right now but there will never be any if there are no structures to welcome them!”

Having empty forums might look weird but I think its better to have an empty Toronto board waiting for someone to comment than none at all. Having no Canadian regions also tend to send the message that this is a US only board.