Why no Florida Board?

This has puzzled me since I first joined. Florida has more population than any other state by CA and TX. About 130 million people Fromm out of state visit Florida every year – over 10 million annual visits from NY alone. There certainly are plenty of good-to-great places to eat there. Why so little interest here?


I’d think the better question would be to ask if a Florida board can be set up. My sense is that HO is expanding based on user interest, traffic, and need. I suspect that added complexity has its costs in time if not money at this stage. The current surge in users from CH may create new needs, but it’s not like there’s a paid staff waiting to do the work.


I realize that. There was a proposal a while back. I’ve posted on FL places several times with very little response. Does no one here go to FL?

Actually, no.
They don’t.
At least, denizens of here.


Interesting. I wonder why that is. Florida is awash with NJ, Ny, MA, And Midwestern license tags.

If there are a dozen of you around and posting regularly, it’s possible to have one.

Where are CH FLorida ppl?

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The CH FL Board (And the Miami-PB board) were quite active, and I found them very useful – as I did a lot of boards. Where indeed are the Chowhounders of yesteryear. I did a blog post on the death of CH, urging people to join HO, and posted it on Facebook and several DC area list serves. I’ve heard from some people. That’s one way to get the word out, anyway, and if anyone – perhaps from FL or another underserved aea wants to copy and edit the post for their local listserves, they’re more than welcome.

I understand from the recent experience, only when a sub-board is created, people will come, not the other way round.

  1. You sound like 2012. Or 2002.
    It ain’t ever coming back.
    The good times, the gravy.
    And the biscuits.

I don’t remember where you are, but as a resident of Florida, I can assure you that PLENTY of people come to Florida.

Its spring break, which means that I largely stay home because it’s just too damned peopley anywhere I want to go…and they’re not residents.

I’m in Tampa, travel the state for work, and would love a Florida board and some HOdowns!

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I’m in (relatively) rural Oregon.
But I can sense the worlds of change, and dinosaur message boards, no matter how sophisticated and up to date, are a curiosity these days.

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We actually had a Florida category, twice!both times, they were very quiet. So we merged it back into the rest of US.

The chicken and egg problems has always been- no board, people don’t come. Have quiet board, people don’t come.


To which you have a point…folks from here don’t visit Oregon much, either. But from any point north of the Florida state line and east of the Mississippi? Yeah, they’re all in Florida for the next few weeks.

The last time there was a FL board I think there were 3 of us…me, @Scubadoo97, and @meatn3…i 4think we’re up to 4 now, since gwen has moved to Ponte Vedra


I would love one. We moved here from NY in August.


Gwenn, was that you moving to Palm Coast? I remember the brief burst of activity. How’s dining been since?

Yes! Funny you should ask. Palm Coast has some good red sauce Italian places, but for more high end dining, you need to venture to Daytona or St. Augustine.

The Cellar, Daytona. Fantastic high end Italian in an historic home. Excellent wine list. We went last night and had carpaccio di Manzo.which was excellent plated beautifully with shaved fennel, parmigiano and balsamic vinegar. For dinner, DH had Filetto Al Barolo e Porcini. Cooked perfectly, and between that, the barolo sauce and the porcini it was wonderful. I had Scaloppini ai Porcini. Perfectly tender veal in a porcini cream sauce. Can you say heaven? We also had a 2012 Acinarico Amarone that was positively jammy.

Llama, St. Augustine. Peruvian cuisine and, admittedly, the flavors were new to me. Everyone had a ceviche appetizer, and there were all different types. Forgive me. It’s been too long to actually remember which everyone had. Fo entrees two of us had Cordero Cusqueno - rack of lamb marinated with Andean spices finished with a garlic cream and an Andean salsa. It was such an incredible burst of flavors that I’ve never had before. The other two in our party had Mar Y Terra which was tagliatelle with shrimp and a Peruvian beef with huanvaina cream. I haven’t got a clue what that is but it was delicious.


I’m looking forward to exploring more in my new state!!


Gwenn, As I recall you had food-related misgivings about the move. Love me some porcini!
Things seem to be working out. thanks for the tips!

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Yes only a few here in Florida. I didn’t post much then as I don’t go out to eat a lot
We have a few places we like to return to but we eat in most often. My wife I’m sure would eat out more but I’d rather eat my food most often. Unless it’s some I can’t do as well at home like sushi

Us, too neither. Lol. The calibre of our local spots has hit the skids (yes I understand Covid issues, but this is dumbed down menu and noticeably dumbed down staff).

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Yes, and I do miss my NY bagels. But thank you Murray’s, Gourmetfoodstore and Amazon for my French butter and whatever else they don’t have here. Like Sacramento tomato juice!

Yes, and they were fresh, it dried.

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