Why is Whole Foods Allying Themselves with This Scum?

What does Whole Foods have to gain by associating with a known sexual predator? Sorry, but 13 year old victims did NOT ask for it nor were they capable of consenting. To claim otherwise is to show how very sick you are.

“A Spiritual Leader Gains Stature, Trailed by a Troubled Past”


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Ugh, I just read that and now I feel the urge to wash.

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Yet one more reason for me to avoid Whole Foods. Disgusting.

Whole Foods has failed ethically on so many fronts: selling conventionally grown produce as equal to to better than organic, overcharging for underweight foods consistently, by a lot, campaigning against health insurance for all, a campaign of disinformation about alleged superiority of plant based diets, and now this.

Why am I not surprised?


Exactly. Thanks for summarizing @StoneSoup

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