Why is there a birthday cake emoji next to my name?

This popped up yesterday, I believe. All my posts hav a little birthday cake emoji next to my name.

It’s not my birthday! :slight_smile:

But it may be your HO anniversary.

Yes, if you hover over the cake you’ll see the message: “Today is the anniversary of the user’s signup!”

Happy anniversary! :cake:

Oh! That is so cute, thanks.

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When you join HungryOnion, you reborn as a different person. Therefore, we count your “birthday” since your rebirth. Get it?


In that case, we need to celebrate that with a real cake!!


For anyone interested to know when will be their Cakeday:



Speaking of cake days!!! HAPPY CAKE DAY CK !!! I remember when you were reborn like it was yesterday!!

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This is why I wished you a happy cake-day yesterday!

Wow. I didn’t even remember I reborn on Sep22nd. Thanks.

I think it’s for Marie Antoinette’s birthday…

:cake: :cake: :cake:

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Actually in French the quote would be brioche as in “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” but that wouldn’t fit as well here.

This of course raises the question of whether brioche could properly be considered cake.

In colonial America this was well known as Sally Lunn and was classed more as a :bread: or bun than :cake:.

And they have yet to uncover any writing that confirms that she actually said it at all…

Sally Lunn was apparently a Huguenot who took her famous buns with her when she fled la Belle France and settled in Bath, England in the 1680’s.

You can get your hands on her buns at her tea room, which is still open in Bath.


Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House & Museum
4 N Parade, Bath BA1 1NX, UK
+44 1225 461634


I’m sure @harters and @PhilD will have an opinion of this.

So perhaps instead of cake we should be eating Sally Lunn’s buns.

In Bath they call these Bath buns.

I’ll bet they are especially good with a little Clotted Cream dribbled on them.

Well she was a Hapsburg, so probably the product of in-breeding.

Gee, I’m not in the list. Do you have to register a particular way to be listed?

Your date is Oct 8th that list is only for September anniversaries.

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What’s my date for this (*) anniversary?

Is there a list for that?

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