Why is the food in Quincy Market ...[Boston]

Recent posting on Eater https://boston.eater.com/2023/8/31/23852028/quincy-market-tourist-trap-bad-food raises the question.

I recall when Romagnoli’s Table was a presence. There were other destination-worthy restaurants in the early years. Why can’t that be sustained?


Everyone who responded to Eater said it all…except the FHM spokesperson, who spouted the party line declaring ut a destination spot.

Greedy developer charging sky high rents, no real place to prep, cook, or store food items for food vendors, and vendors who don’t care because tourists won’t be repeats.

The Boston Public Market sounds like more of what FHM used to be (or was meant to be after the 1970s renovation). I moved to the Boston area in 1989, and it was a combination of touristy and local places in the early 1990s. But the writing was on the wall even then.


I moved to Boston in 1989, too, and FHM was much better then. It got steadily worse only I wouldn’t know what it’s like now because the last time I went, at least 10 years ago, it was so bad I haven’t gone back. That might have been a visit to McCormick and Schmick’s for their happy hour cheap food. The restaurant was reeking of mold and there was nothing else remotely appealing.