Why is HO rotating on my Android phone?

I have set my phone to “portrait”, but if I happen to turn it slightly, the HO app rotates to landscape. Is there any way to make it stop? (Other apps don’t do this.)

Do you lock your phone so that it stops rotating? Is that what you mean by setting it to portrait?

I have that setting turned on on my Android phone, and none of my web pages rotate when I orient my phone differently. Just tried it with the browser on an HO page, and it’s staying put in portrait mode.

Just to clarify, HO isn’t an app. The web browser like Chrome, where HO is viewed, is rotating.

Well, I downloaded something called the Hungry Onion app from the Google Play store and that is what ignores my settings. If I view HO in Chrome, it works fine.

I can’t find such an app in the Google Play store? This is how I searched in the store:

I think Android allows you to create an icon for a particular web page.