Why is catholiver being flagged?

I see often that her posts are hidden with a note that says, “Flagged by the community.” I click on them and can’t imagine why someone would flag her post as objectionable. Maybe it’s just a forum bug? I don’t see this for other posters.



Some malicious folks from chowhound who hounded her there, and have hounded her from day one here. I think she said the hell with this site back almost a year ago.

I don’t interact much here either because of some of the folks who rub me the wrong way. I started to get a bit harsh after reading so much silly crap from them. So I don’t post much. their loss.

Personally I think that if you get flagged, you and everyone else should be able to see who did the flagging. Anonymous flagging is bullying and cowardly.


Personally, I don’t miss her either way: Since you brought it up, not a big deal really. But I’m not here to get into a fight either, just to mellow out. I could be in the minority I’m sure.


I was wondering why she hasn’t posted here . I am on the other site also and that’s where she is to and didn’t care to ask . I have bitched at her once , but never a reason to flag anybody . Roll with the punches . I think it’s unfair to have a poster banished and leave their avatar in some sort of ghost view . Is this some sort of open coffin viewing . Please delete the accused and bury the dead .


This is due to a long time bug that, under certain obscure combination of conditions, wrongly hide all the users’ posts (unless one manually unhide them one by one).

The forum developer fixed the bug on 1/19 this year as part of version 1.8 beta of the forum software. We use the 1.7 release version so the fix would be implemented whenever 1.8 release version is available.

This bug affects more than one user.

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Since the question is answered, locking thread.

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