Why do they make pickle chips so fat and other food mysteries

I picked up a jar of pickle chips yesterday and hoped to use them on my burger. They were way too thick. I have never had a jar of pickle chips, even when they are marked hamburger chips, that work on a burger. Why, oh why can’t they make them a useable size? What else are they used for?

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Another reason to get down here to try Mason’s

I’d forgotten!

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:frowning: :slight_smile:

Heinz makes a very thin chip, the kind many fast food places use. Only problem, they come in giant #10 cans…but hey, I don’t think they ever go bad. My favorites!

I remember when I was young, Bicks used to put out the condiments so you could help yourself…we always snitched a few pickle chips in the little paper bags they so generously provided :wink:

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I"m sorry but your title clearly says: " and other food mysteries" yet, all I read is the thick pickle mystery. I’m waiting for my “other food mysteries”…you owe it to me it’s in your title!!!

Yes they are a mystery! Actually, I thought others would chime in!

May I suggest you buy some fresh made pickles so you can cut your own?
Anyway, how about this one: Why do they call those cookies Black & Whites, when they are usually brown and white?

Yes, I’ve done that. But if they’re going to make them, do it right. I’ve made my own
Too. And yes, brown and whites!

My absolute favorite is Del – Dixi. They may be regional. I always have a jar in the refrigerator.

I’ve never seen those. Are they thin?

Yes perfect for burgers or frying. Fried pickles are big here.

I’ve seen, but never bought, jarred pickes that are thin-sliced lengthwise specifically for use in sandwiches. If memory serves, they are called sandwich slices and are from Heinz or Vlasic.

The Vlasic slices are much too thick for burgers, almost twice as thick as their chips. Plus, they never fit properly, leaving the center of the burger over-pickled and the edges sadly bereft. Vlasic chips are a better bet, but still too thick IMO.

We stopped buying pickle chips years ago and instead slice our own, because they’d end up getting shoved to the back of the fridge between uses and we’d forget about them. A jar of whole pickles lasts about 2 weeks and never gets past the 2nd row.

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Just found this pickle chips in the market this morning, They are thin!!

I generally like their products

I tasted one and it was good. Looks thin enough for a burger.

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