Why Do they Keep Moving Things Around in the Supermarket?

The other subgroups might still sell better and they were continually losing money on the extra large eggs. Don’t know the store but depending on the chain and company individual stores will have say in what is kept and what is not going to be sold.

You have to be the most organized person I “know”!


Stop and Shop. And no large jars of Skippy Super Chunk either.

That list is 40+ years burned into my memory, Gwenn. LOL It’s the way my mother wrote her shopping list, and she was pretty adamant that if we kids were adding something to it, we had to have it in the right place!

“MOM! Where do tissues and ketchup go on the list?”

Response: “Right-upper third for the tissues and left upper third for the ketchup below the broccoli that’s already on the list - oh, and check to see if we need mustard, too!” :smiley:


Your Mom and I are kindred spirits. My grocery list as very specific orders and groupings that coordinate with where things are in the grocery store (moving and having a new grocery store has caused some chaos but I’m working through it). I don’t like it when people add things to my list and put whatever they are adding where ever they want - drives me nuts. :smiley:

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I see people walking around with what Mom and I call a “willy-nilly list”, and we both don’t know how they keep track of making sure everything was purchased, other than the fact they’re crossing things off that list - which is just one more thing neither of us wanted to do. If we shop the aisles via our aisle-order shopping list, we know we’ve purchased everything on the list. :slight_smile:

You know you’d think they’d keep the Lomotil next to the Charmin.

But noooo…

They are in different aisles.


And in that case, running from one aisle to another just exacerbates the problem. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was in Ralph’s today and wanted to get some Big Sticks for the little kids for after school. I couldn’t find them, so I asked for help. The girl basically did what I had already done, which is scan the freezer section by the popsicles.

I asked if she could just look it up on a computer or something to find out where they are supposed to be, or if the store is out, or if even they still carry them. She told me, very apologetically, that employees have no way to do that. I asked the manager on my way out and he confirmed they do nor have aisle maps or inventory listings for employees or floor managers. :exclamation::question::exclamation::question:

And this is why I avoid supermarkets whenever humanly possible.


OK, now THAT is just nuts that the managers don’t have a floor map.

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Funny. I write the shopping list out in the same order too and organized Pepperplate to be set up in the same order as I shop. [quote=“LindaWhit, post:20, topic:6711”]
But regardless of where the stores move things, I still write my shopping list out the way I did back when I first started grocery shopping

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List? What’s a list?

Maybee that’s why my wife gets so mad at me when I go to the store with her.

I have pinch and check out everything new and hit the custom meats counter for a little cutting.

Even when I am only getting a few things it still takes me 45 mins.

I don’t even include her anymore when checking out a new store for the first time.

There is just too much anger:

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You know that something like 47% of Americans can’t use a computer unless it’s to forward spam ?

Wait- you use a spreadsheet for shopping list? Now that’s organized! Do you print them out?

The general manager does. Not the floor managers. Still ridiculous. :slight_smile:

Hey, isn’t this a game show with our guy Guy Fieri?

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Or where is Mr. Whipple when you need him?

Oh no - that was just so I could give an example. Mine is handwritten on half-sheet-sized pads of paper. :slight_smile:

Very much agree. The General Manager isn’t always quickly available. Not giving it to floor managers or supervisors is just plain dumb.

My wife makes lists for me.

I usually forget them…

I’m guessing that this whole thing is heavily influenced by how often you shop and how much you buy when you do. We shop 90% at three close by markets, every 2-3 days, based around what we need and which market is best for what we need that day. Just two of us means maybe 5-15 items per trip. We do a handwritten list on the fridge and grouping that small a number of items by mental map, at the same markets we’ve gone to for years, is easy.

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