Why all the discord about TV culinary celebrities?

I have always noticed that posts about food and dining personalities with shows on the Food Network, PBS etc. always cause discord, some more than others. Comments like: he/she irritates me; I can’t stand the way he/she talks; he/she is a snob; he/she does not dress the right way, and more. Why? Is it a form of jealousy on our part? Do we know better than them? Could you do a better job? What?

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Generalize much?

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Happy to respond, seeing as I have recently said two food programme presenters irritate me. It is a simple matter. In real life, there are personalities I like and those that I do not. I have those views whether they are people I know, people I might see on TV or, indeed, the characters played by actors.

With regard to the TV presenters, it is not jealousy - something I would find to be an odd reaction. It is not that I know better than them - they certainly have a better understanding of their countries’ cuisine than I would as a foreigner. And it certainly not that I could do a better job - I am a published author and I do a little public speaking, but I have neither the knowledge, skill or personality to present a TV programme (or the inclination).

No, my sense of irritation with those two is a simple one. It is, noting your username, simply a gut reaction.

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A.) All of the above

For myself I don’t find my disliking of certain food personalities much different than my disliking of people in general. lol I don’t watch a ton of food tv, however for what I do watch there are certain people who just annoy me, same as real life. (like men who wear bow ties…don’t ever trust a man in a bow tie!!!)

Generally speaking though I will admit, I’ve been in and around the restaurant business 45+ years and as a general rule chef’s are an arrogant bunch. I don’t know why…but the overwhelming majority of chef’s have a YUGE chip on their shoulder(s), so perhaps that comes across television as well.


Agreed. Add to the list of my prejudices of those not to be trusted at any cost - men with floppy hairstyles, women with shrill voices and anyone with a limp handshake.

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Hey now! My dad wore bowties. :stuck_out_tongue: