Who's got a great dinner roll recipe?

I don’t usually bother with rolls for Thanksgiving since there are already a ton of carbs on the table, but my husband requested some this year. Since I am never satisfied with taking the easy way out and buying brown and serve rolls, I need a recipe! Hit me with your best. I’m looking for something very tender and buttery in this case, nothing crusty. Thanks HOs!

I haven’t made these - but this looks close to the version a friend of mine makes that are excellent.

I usually make the soft rolls recipe from Gisslen’s “The Professional Chef”. There’s an image of the recipe here from Pinterest or you can just Google “Gisslen soft rolls” to get to the image. I generally use all European style butter instead of the 1/2 butter - 1/2 shortening in the recipe because I usually don’t have shortening in the pantry.

My go to for Thanksgiving:

Thanks! Another friend just recommended Alton Brown’s Parker House roll recipe, so I think I’ll research the various versions and see what looks best!

Well it’s not really a dinner roll, but for Thanksgiving I like cornbread made in a skillet if I am not making cornbread stuffing.

Cornbread just goes so well with turkey and cranberries, there is something about the sweetness and texture in the cornbread that is the perfect foil for the turkey.

I agree with others…try a Parker House roll option. I’ve even done the simple Betty Crocker recipe book with good results. This year I’m making cheddar scallion drop biscuits.

I haven’t made these but I have eaten them many times and they are spectacular. The recipe assumes you know it means cooked, pureed/mashed squash.

Just an update - I decided to try the Alton Brown Parker House rolls and they were magnificent. I shaped mine as pull-apart rolls rather than the signature shape but I don’t think it matters - they are delicious no matter what!


Skillet cornbread:

I used to tell the kids it was what Squanto & the Pilgrims ate with turkey.