Whoops - there goes the night's profit


At least the restaurant handled the situation (and the employee who made the mistake) with grace and humor.


Even though we have stopped going there due to a couple of poor quality meals, I cannot fault their customer service and readiness to act in the right way.

The first time I had a bad steak, I complained and it was immediately comp’d. Not only that but the manager said “and, next time you’re here, ask for me and I’ll buy you another steak”. Now that was an offer I thought was bound to be bullshit and I promptly forgot. Next time we went, I also had a poor steak but did not complain. However, when the bill came, it hadnt been charged so I queried that with the server who replied “No mistake - it’s on the computer that we owe you one”. So, great customer service but a steakhouse that serves almost inedible steak on two occasions does not get a third try from me.


and ordered a second bottle so clearly enjoyed it
they did not realise they had quaffed a £4,500 bottle

I’ll bet! :rofl::rofl: (ad infinitum, in fact…)

Sadly enough for me, I would have recognized the mistake (by name, of course, not taste memory :grin: and that one, anyway, not that I have an encyclopedic knowledge of Bordeaux or even Pomerol chateaux). And while I might talk myself into accepting a mistake worth a few tens of quid to my benefit without comment, I couldn’t have possibly allowed that to go unremarked, out of concern for the possible ramifications to the server, if nothing else…

As you should have noticed by now, food isn’t the main attraction in this place! :laughing:

God, I hope it wasn’t lost on them

Could this just be a publicity stunt?

Unlikely. Hawksmoor in Manchester has absolutely no need for a stunt. It’s been really busy every time we’ve been - like every table occupied busy.