whole hog - Yonkers

This bbq place has finally opened. They are in the same shopping centre as Barnes & Noble, but at the end of that strip of stores. Was hoping they’d be good and they seem to be. Right now the help is lost, but at least trying, so not really a problem. I’m not a big fan of the q places in the River towns but thought this was at least equal and perhaps better. They have 7 sauces, which seem to have some variation beyond just heat. Tried ribs, pulled pork and sausage. I liked the sausage best (as I often do) and was glad to find it is not the kreuz sausage from Texas that seems to be the norm (I don’t like it). This is more of a kielbasa. Haven’t tried any sides, but it looks like it may come in those little cups that barely gives a taste - although I think they offered several sizes. Worth trying if in the area - and nice to see a new place, these days

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Thanks for the post, Rich. The ribs on the website look great!

Gwenn - Nice to know someone else is still on this board, after leftovers tonight, I have to say, I think the sauces help tremendously. I’ve often found that to be the case however. I’m a lifelong N.Y.er so no expert on bbq, but I know what I like. :smiley:

Amen to that

off- topic (but so what), have you been to wegmans yet? Nice, Pricey (no surprise) and more of a mid-americas assortment. Can’t compete with Zabar’s or nyc in general, but still good to have

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Just checked out their menu - looks decent. We’ll have to give them a try next time we’re looking for lunch on Central Ave. As for Wegman’s in Harrison, yes, I’ve been a couple of times now. I went to college in Rochester where Wegman’s is king, so I knew what to expect, although their business model has changed a lot since then (a LOT more store-brand products, almost trying to create a cross between a Trader Joe’s and a regular grocery store). It’s a nice option to have on that side of the county, but too far for me to frequent for my general shopping.

I’m intrigued.
What constitutes a mid-America
assortment to you?

ok - cheeses, lots of brie and triple creme, flavoured cheeses rather than anything strong and smelly, fresh baked breads - mostly softer outside, no jewish rye, slightly on the airy side, the bakery (danish and such) were more commercial than excellent and also sold more to a price point. Meats (steaks and such) mostly cryovac, but the meat case has some prime for special occasions, but even that is prepared before you get to it.

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Nope, have not travelled down county yet.

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