Who makes your favorite egg salad sandwich?

It used to be Europane in Pasadena.

But, alas, no more.

Give me your favorite, go-to Egg Salad Sandwich in Los Angeles.

Thank you.

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I still mourn the loss of Europane’s greatness. :frowning: I haven’t found anything that came close to that.

Decent one is Konbi, but the miss-ratio for slightly stale bread (even though they say they get it fresh from Bub & Grandma’s every day) is too high to recommend it.

The one at Konbi looks about 100x better than it tastes.

Bland, and egg-less. Like eating diluted mayo.

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Me. I make a damn good homemade egg salad, but Gelson’s tarragon egg salad is pretty damn good, too. Either way, I’ll use a King’s Hawaiian bun of some kind. If using Gelson’s egg salad, I like to add some chopped Claussen dill pickles or fresh dill depending on if I want a little crunch.


I haven’t had it myself but saw some pics of a good looking egg salad sandwich at Bell’s in Los Alamos on nice toasted bread.

Uptown Provisions (Whittier) -

Probably a touch more mayo-y than EuroPane of yore, but pretty solid. Available as avocado egg salad toast and as a sandwich.