Who knew? (New Jersey)

These are tiny kiwi fruits. They are about the size of a quarter. AND… grown right here in NJ. They taste just like regular size kiwis. I have a flat of then and they are destined to become a kiwi shrub. I hope I can preserve the light green color in the shrub. Who knew kiwis grew in NJ?



Where did you purchase them?

Collingswood farmers market. Fruitwood Farms (famous for their honey) grew them.

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I got these in a CSA box last year. Total surprise that they grow in our zone.

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I’m totally shocked too! Although a friend had a kiwi vine, I don’t think it ever fruited.

I won’t be planting any because I’m allergic to kiwi fruit and even handling the leaves gives me hives. (as I found out with my friend’s plant) - so if you have to have a food allergy, it’s no so bad with kiwi since they’re so easy to avoid. :upside_down_face: Do like their taste, texture and looks though, would eat them if I could.

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& who even thought a Kiwi Shrub would come out orange?


Someone I know near Boston has a thriving kiwi vine in the yard.

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