Who in WA might be down for an HO get-together?

I didn’t mean to cast aspersions. Just saying that places are getting built up everywhere! It’s good to live in a place near amenities.

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Wahine and I tried Maison Thai today, and were very impressed with both dishes we ordered. We got the red Choo-Chee curry with the crispy chicken thigh, and the house fried rice with beef steak. We thought both were most excellent–as good as any Thai we’ve ever had.

We’ll try the other B-town Thai places you mentioned, but Maison Thai set a very high bar with us.

The only thing I found odd was the MT heat rating, 0-3. #2 was not very hot at all. On the positive side, the brown rice served with the curry was variegated, nutty and delicious, very much like N. American wild rice. Our server said her favorites are that same red curry and the pad see-ew. I also want to try the Dungeness crab fried rice.

I’m really glad you enjoyed. Just goes to show you we all have different evaluations of the same places. That choo chee curry was one the dishes we ordered. With tofu. I was bummed that it was just tofu and sauce. No other veg. I’ve never had a curry that was just protein and sauce and felt disappointed in that.**

Very strange. Our Choo-Chee came swimming with red and green peppers. It also had a lot of shredded chicken in addition to the crispy chicken thigh on top.

Maybe it’s a quality control issue.

Sure, could be. I’m willing to test inductive logic by going back to Thai Maison.

They charge enough that scrimping is not likely happening. The owners (culinary school grads in Thailand) are also the cooks).

It’s good you like it. Bellingham is a funny place. We have way more Thai restaurants than would be indicated by the size of the place. And microbreweries too, but that’s another story!

Thai Maison is super convenient to Trader Joe’s and Hardware Sales. My law colleague who knows them well says the owners have done well enough that they are looking to add a second location.

Do you know if Youngstock’s Nursery & Produce has closed permanently, or is it merely a seasonal shutdown? The stand was completely empty on Saturday, and there was a large sign thanking customers for 50 years of patronage.

How would you rank the quality of the small brewers in B’Ham? Are there any besides the now-shuttered Chuckanut that do well with both beer and food? We like Wander but we’re not really that into the food truck scene. Bellingham Beer Garden/Twin Sisters seems weird to me.

Never shopped at Youngstocks. My preference for in season produce is Joe’s garden, followed by farmers market. My own garden, if it is producing well. It wasn’t this year. Joe’s is by far the freshest and best. The field is adjacent to the stand. You can see it all being grown. As for beer, I don’t drink beer. Bummer for me in this part of the country.

That’s too bad. Youngstocks is /was very good.

Joes Garden is incredible. I don’t feel I’m missing anything shopping there. It’s closer to me too.

Well, you may be missing what(ever) Joe’s doesn’t grow itself. I like supporting farmstands, but I also like fruits and vegetables few Skagit/Whatcom growers offer.

Have you tried Schuh’s or Tjersland in Skagit?

How do you like Skagit Valley Co-op? I remember passing by a few years ago when we were looking for a place to get some good produce and prepared food.

Do you live in the area? I believe that Coop is somewhat related to our local 2 Coops in town, but it is 30 miles away so I don’t have much occasion to visit. If it’s similar in layout, the prepared foods are ok. Not markedly different than the prepared foods in any grocery. Coop tries to use healthier ingredients, but their food just tastes virtuous, not better. Like you’re going on a deprivation diet of some sort. But their bulk foods section is unrivaled and wonderful, and that includes spices. Again, those are what the Bellingham coops are like, and I presume (but don’t know) that the Skagit coop is similar.


That’s funny. I think virtuous describes the ready made food at our co-op here in Ashland too.
Perhaps a requirement.

My husband and I sometimes opine that for certain people who are trying to cook super healthy, having the food also be bland and tasteless is a badge of honor which they wear proudly. Look at how we are sacrificing all flavor at the altar of virtuosity etc. It’s probably a little harsh, but maybe also a bit true.

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No I don’t live in the area, just passing by that day coming back from the Cascades.

Got it. The Cascades are wonderful - I hope you enjoyed it. We just did one of the trails to the west of there (around Baker and Shuksan) this weekend.

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“bland and tasteless”…

…and, perhaps, beige.


We strive to serve what our menu claims we will have on a certain day.

Due to supply, demand and certain production issues that may arise, we cannot guarantee that this menu will be 100% accurate.

September 2022
Turkey Meatloaf • Bratwursts with Mustard Sauce • Honey Chipotle Wings • Quinoa Cashew Loaf

Garlic Parmesan Mashers • Mac & Cheese • Succotash • Maple Glazed Yams • Kale with Mushrooms and Sherry

Chicken Parmesan • Italian Sausage with Kale & Tomatoes • Caesar Style Snapper • Pasta with Red Pepper Pesto

Balsamic Beets • Ratatouille • Yukon Gold Wedges • Steamed Broccoli • Braised Mix of Summer Greens

Mustard Glazed Pork Loin • Lemon Caper Snapper • Honey Chipotle Wings • Spinach Lasagna • Butternut Squash Risotto

Parmesan Cauliflower • Roasted Roots • Sauteed Zucchini with Leeks • Braised Mix of Summer Greens

Pork Verde • Citrus Basted Cod • Honey Chipotle Wings • Vegan Jackfruit Enchiladas • Southern Fried Tofu

Wild Rice Pilaf • Yukon Gold Wedges • Roasted Mixed Vegetables • Braised Mix of Summer Greens

Emerald Hills Beef Meatloaf • Vera Cruz Cod • Chile Relleno Lasagna • Vegan Jackfruit Enchiladas

Citrus Roasted Beets • Southwestern Yam Fries • Steamed Broccoli • Herbed Mixed Squash • Kale with Paprika & Onions

Pork Adobo • Thai Style Chicken • Teriyaki Wings • Kung Pao Tempeh • Udon Noodles with Peanut Sauce

Coconut Rice • Sesame Eggplant • Coconut Yam Mash • Lemon Ginger Greens

Turkey Meatloaf • Beef Stroganoff • Lemon Rosemary Chicken • Kung Pao Tempeh

Coconut Rice • Herb Roasted Potatoes • Masala Cauliflower • Steamed Broccoli • Braised Mix of Summer Greens

Here’s our menu. Not really bland and beige but you can see the hippie organic influence is still alive here.

By sales tax revenue, the most popular eatery in Ashland.