Who in the City has Veltins Pilsener On Tap? (SFBA)

So, we get it here in Seattle pretty easily, but a SF friend hasn’t been able to find it near home.

Bonus points for anyplace in or near the Haight.


Based on a search of German restaurant websites, the only place I found that listed Veltins Pils on tap was Brotzeit Lokal in Oakland. Speisekammer in Alameda has Veltins Grevensteiner Landbier on tap, and Suppenkuche in San Francisco has Veltins Pils in bottles.

I didn’t search eclectic beer bar sites, except for Toronado, which doesn’t list it

Toronado’s Web page is hopelessly out of date. I am a marginal regular there and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, but that means little (mostly because I don’t drink Pilsener).

You can imagine the shade thrown at me by Pilsener drinkers when I once suggested that the “l” in Pils was a typo. (Maybe you have to be drunk to get it).

Thanks, Gary!

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