Who has the BEST Korean Fried Chicken in San Francisco? Thanks...

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Are you looking for a sauced or dry variety?

Namu Gaji’s is lightly sauced and gets my vote. They only have them for dinner on Wednesdays (call them to make sure this is still true). They used to have bone-in KFC at lunch/brunch, but now it appears only to be on a sandwich or as “kfc style” chicken bites.” Is that not bone in? Oh, and don’t get confused by the chicken wing appetizer-- it’s tasty, but grilled (on that note, the Tuesday night yakitori are great).

I’ve had mixed experiences at Toyose, which doesn’t come with a sauce. Cocobang’s didn’t impress me. Hwaro is good, but the sauce wasn’t. Shin Toe Bul Yi is unsauced, and I find the batter excessive for an unsauced version.

Wednesday is correct: http://fb.me/5WxfQfslh

Not in SF, but I think Bowl’d in Temescal neighborhood of Oakland has good Korean Fried Chicken. I like the spicy sauced version, which is not that spicy.

Thanks…I didn’t realize there were various versions of KFC…learn new things all the time…will have to try all of these!

I had some nice KFC style stuff at ThaiBodia on Woodside Road in RWC. They do it with wings, and they do it with Fish, and they have about 10 different sauces. There seem to be a lot of this around…

Despite my distaste for “secret” things, this sounds interesting:

Half and whole fried chickens, as well as some interesting sides made with schmaltz.

Does anyone have other recs for this crisp-skinned either double fried or steamed then fried style of Korean fried chicken in the Bay Area, usually done as whole chicken?

The wings at Stone Korean Kitchen (embarcadero 4) have good crunchy crust although the sauce they are tossed in is a bit sweet for me. I seem to recall a thinner smoother more crackly shell of batter at the bon chon chicken I used to have in boston, with more separation between crust and chicken, but maybe there is no single “correct” style. (In the absence of korean fried chicken, I make do with chicken katsu from Japacurry or Grindz :wink: . August 1 Five indian restaurant used to have a chicken lollipop which was very similar to korean bon chon chicken in terms of a separated shell of batter but the last time I ordered it, there was too much batter)

Sunday Bird sold out by 3pm. They don’t answer their phones so no way to check availability without actually making a trip there. Good way to build customer loyalty.

Wow, sold out in 3 hours! They post 11am on their door as their regular opening hour, but told people who showed up then to come back at noon. Luckily this was a side trip for us, and not the main reason for being in the neighborhood so we jetted.

Apparently they’re donating 100% of opening weekend profits to the ACLU.

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