Who do you watch on TikTok?

I like watching Babs aka Nonna for her recipe tricks, slice of peace clips and her helpful hints hacks.
Who do you enjoy watching?

This is her way on how to prepare a Father’s Day Steak:



I’ll start I like this hack for making Brownies:


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I’ve never watched tik tok on purpose. But recently I heard that it is used by “influencers” and you can make a really good living from posting on it.

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I’ve just recently started watching.
I would have thought that it would be tough to make a good living there same with YouTube.

I’d answer but my reply would get flagged and worse… the FBI along with Wolf Blitzer and a CNN camera crew will show up at my door. :grimacing:

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1st dog…What’s your name?
2nd dog…What?
1st dog…What is your name?
2nd dog: Tony. What’s your name?
Etc. It is hillarious (the etc. part, which a moderator might not like.)

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No one. Tried it during lockdown. Hated it.

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Michael Moore visits a French school at lunchtime.


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:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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I found that TikTok clip and completely agree.
I saw another one with a toddler calling mommy some not so nice names. The parents responded with humour also not appropriate for this thread.

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I felt the same way originally when my husband kept sending me TikTok clips.

One day, I was watching the Drew Barrymore Show and Babs aka Nonna was on.
I really liked her down to earth nature so started watching her clips.

I have a whole new series to watch. Thanks for sharing !

If I recall that was from an earlier series…and bore little resemblance to the experiences of my son in French schools.

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