Who Called the Carbonara Police?


Seems to be yet another discussion about “authentic”.

I have never cared whether what I’m eating is authentic - only that it tastes nice.

Ask me which is the most authentic Lancashire Hotpot - mine, Mum’s or the Michelin starred version I ate a few years back. Tricky.


An enjoyable read and Interesting article …

I am married to an 100% Italian, and my paternal grandparents immigrated to Girona to open a business and were university age, so we are quite authentic about ingredients and family traditional recipes.

We use guanciale as we have a distributor who provides the upscale Italian restaurants in Barcelona with the products and is a client of my sons and parents.

I am not personally a fan of Spaghetti Carbonara, however, I prepare it once in awhile – and never with cream ! Always with guanciale and Pecorino Romano and white of the egg only.

We are more veered toward tomato based sauces and shellfish and seafood.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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