Whitechapel (San Francisco)

Interesting subway motif, comfortable seating but uncomfortably noisy/crowded. Drink (Buccaneer) was overpowered by lemon. Excellent quail, quartered, deep fried and juicy with a soft batter, with scotch quail egg and cream corn. Steamed burgers (3 sliders per order) were more substantial than expected and surprisingly not overcooked. on Polk at Turk.

Whitechapel, alas, has radically changed its food menu as of last Friday. My wife and I loved their poutine, meatballs with polenta, and mushroom pate. All three of them are gone, and it’s all a lot simpler (burger, fish & chips, chicken skewers, that sort of thing). We had chicken skewers, shaved asparagus salad, chicken sandwich, and fish & chips–all good, but none of it as good as what they used to serve. Still worth it for the drinks (and the gin selection), but we won’t be going back for the food.