White Plains NY these days?

We tend to go to City Limits when we’re in the area but are looking for something downtown for Sunday dinner with an internet friend we’re meeting in the flesh. (There should be a word for that kind of meeting.) So nothing fancy or loud. Good food in a friendly setting would be lovely. Any thoughts? Many thanks.

(Also, I hope no one minds my many posts this morning. I forget to check in and then once I get going, I can’t seem to stop… :slight_smile:

A web-union! :slight_smile:

I had a great dinner with friends in October at Lola’s Mexican Kitchen. Very friendly, fun setting and comfortable - not too loud either. We were all able to bond and enjoy the food and sangria. The carnitas tacos were great - I highly recommend those. Skip dessert there though - it was disappointing and too much $ for the quality you get (I was annoyed that the chocolate sauce with my churros was chocolate syrup - it should have been from-scratch chocolate sauce). There’s a place called T-swirl Crepe around the corner - which has dessert crepes if you have room for sweet after your meal.

Have fun finally meeting your friend! :slight_smile:

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There is a good more upscale pub called Hudson Grill. They have some nice, large booths in the room without the bar. I’ve been for lunch and its good.

I hear good things about Lilly’s too, but I have not been.


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You mean meeting IRL?

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Inca and Gaucho on Quarropas St. it’s a combo of Peruvian and Argentine and is usually reasonably quiet and pleasant atmosphere. Lends itself to conversation (and, if you find it too noisy, staff will likely tone noise down.). If someone is not food adventurous, there are plenty of simple things on the menu. It also has the advantage of nearby parking.


Thanks, everyone. Our friend (soon-to-be IRL) wanted Mexican, so Lola’s Mexican Kitchen it is. Really appreciate your tips and will keep them in mind for the next time.


Enjoy and report back!

We had a good time here last night! No one was interested in the carnitas tacos, sadly, but we did take your cue and skip dessert. It was a friendly, convenient solution for what we needed. Thank you. We appreciated your help.


Thanks for reporting back!

Glad you enjoyed it. It’s a fun spot. :slight_smile:

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