White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt - HEB/TX

I saw this recently at my little HEB on S. Braeswood which was refurbished after the Memorial Day floods of last year and re-opened. It’s a much nicer though still very small store with very limited selection.

The yogurt is in glass quarts in the refrig section and it’s from Austin. The label says the company has been in business since 1980 but I’ve never heard of it. At the Buffalo Market HEB I also saw it in the half gallon glass jug.

This is whole milk, unflavored, unsweetened yogurt and it’s very rich and creamy, almost pourable out of the jar. I love it.

I’ve been loving yogurt since before it because fashionable to add fruit flavorings and sugar and this is what yogurt is ‘supposed’ to taste like to me — sour milk!

Not for everybody I guess but I know I’ve seen yogurt threads where lots of people complain about the sugar content of yogurt so I thought I’d share.


The Organic products and pint sized jars are not available at my HEB.