White Manna - Hackensack

The Burger topic goes back to 2016 & I don’t know if you can see newest posts first if you never looked at the thread while logged in. I thought that being mentioned as #2 in the USA by a publication is enough to start a new topic. I took the liberty of doing it. Growing up in Bergen county & haven’t yet had a White Manna cheeseburger, I felt sad. As I read the article & looked at #1, I didn’t feel so bad. Summer of 2019, we were at a wedding in Chicago during the Haskell heat wave & my DW made me walk several miles to a burger joint that she said that we must visit. It was certainly worth the walk. On another note, White Castle should be on the list.


Forgot to include the Chicago website:


According to Yelp, the NYC location has closed.

Thanks for linking the website. Sumptuous food photos there.

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The best thing at Au Cheval in NYC was the baloney sandwich.


I already know what I think of White Manna (lived 10 minutes up the road for many years), and am aware that they tend to make it onto “best of” lists like this. So at this point, if God came down and declared them #1 it’s neither here nor there to me.

Thanks for the info. I guess if I’m up that way and I need to stop for a quick lunch, I’ll go with Rutt’s Hut.

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I’m not saying that they aren’t good.

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Gun to my head I’d pick this one.



Again a WOW on the irony meter, was just watching Anthony Bourdain as he paid a visit with someone to White Manna. Never knew he took the trip but he did.

(equally ironic was the topic of the episode were the then estranged founders of e-gullet)

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold