Whistle pigs prefer green lettuce

Whistle pigs aka ground hogs coming in under the 6’ chain link fence and then squirming under the chicken wire surrounding the 5 rows of lettuce. Ate all four rows of green lettuce, which was just about at perfect size:(, and did not touch the row of purple lettuce!
Our very fast German Shepherd has come very close to getting them, but for such a lumpy, low slung creature they are really fast. So far they’ve managed to get under the fence before he gets them. I’m happy with him chasing them and hope not to witness a catch.

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Back when Methuselah was asking for the car keys I helped a coworker raise a baby groundhog he’d found close to its roadkill mother. I contributed the formula, nursing bottle, and nipples from my orphan kitten kit. Knockwurst-sized “Annie” was extremely strong. She latched onto the nipple and drained the bottle, growling all the while. We assumed this was because she’d been deprived of mother’s milk for at least a day, but she fed just as aggressively for the weeks it took before she was weaned and ready for return to the meadows. So the speed doesn’t surprise me, and they might possibly be able to give your dog a significant bite.