Which of our local beer makers is your favorite?

These days it seems that every county, even town is touting a favorite local craft brew. Wondering which are your favorite local beer makers in greater Westchester? You know: Captain Lawrence, Yonkers Brewing, Broken Bow, or nearby Gun Hill and Bronx Brewery. Connecticut, perhaps?

What timing…I wonder if any of the locals will be providing Barns and Noble in Eastchester with their beer

Can’t comment on beer…I don’t drink it

Captain Lawrence. Hands Down. Great Brews.

Yes, I do admit to liking a number of Captain Lawrence brews. I have found Broken Bow hit and miss. Some of their concoctions taste too much like candy…

Had a lovely amber brew from Bronx Brewery to help wash down my oysters last night at Kee Oyster Bar in White Plains…

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Not Westchester, but in Oxford, CT, OEC makes some really interesting beers, including many sours, which are among my favorites.


Definitely worth a visit for beer lovers.

Noticed a new outdoor seating area with umbrella tables at Broken Bow Brewery, on Marbledale Road, Tuckahoe. Open to the public hours vary throughout the week so check their website…

Love Broken Bow. Great selection of beer - something for everyone and I love the vibe. Super friendly too.

I’m not a huge beer drinker and I haven’t tried anything from any of these places except Yonkers Brewing, but I can say that the three or four of their selections I’ve had (both in their restaurant and on tap elsewhere) have been good. Nothing mind blowing, but then again, I’m not that into beer. I’m interested in learning more about OEC, as I do love a good sour ale.

OEC is the closest to Russian River that we’ve found here on the East Coast. Their beers are very unique and it’s a fun place to visit. The only way I found out about them was through DeCicco’s, which had a bunch of their beers on tap up in Brewster last year after a tasting event. That prompted us to make the trip up to CT and it was very worth it. I think they have some food trucks at times. They also have some cool walking trails out behind the brewery where you can walk and see small planes landing at the nearby airport.

Captain Lawrence Brewery in Elmsford has hired an executive chef. Chef Joseph Smith previously worked the kitchen at Ram’s Head Inn on Shelter Island. He will now oversee a new kitchen counter service menu during tasting hours Wednesday thru Sunday…

Interesting!!! I had some food there last time I was there and it was pretty good. A far cry from the limited offerings of yesteryear.

Passed by Broken Bow yesterday and noticed people sitting in their outdoor tables alongside the brewery. The area surrounding them is now a major construction site as a new Marriott Hotel is being built…the hotel will also sport a new restaurant.

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