Which nationality do you drink like?

(Chris) #1


According to my alcohol consumption of the last week I drink like a Romanian, the 5th heaviest drinkers worldwide. UK is only 24th, so I’m punching above my weight.


I am also a Romanian. Or else I’m five American women.


Hmmm. I drink like I’m from Timor-Leste – and I don’t even know where that is. :confused:

(C) #4

I got Romanian too. :beers:

(John Hartley) #5


(Robin) #6

French. I can think of worse things. :yum:


I’m not good at these things because I don’t drink often but when I do I drink a lot. Its a lot of volume in a small time unit and its not every week.

I can tell you, however, that a quebecquer and a belgian in an irish pub can be a very dangerous thing.


Me too. I’m okay with that

(kim) #9

Gulp . . .I’m a Lithuanian, the third heaviest drinking nation in the world. Since the US is the 48th heaviest drinking country, I may be single-handedly keeping us in the top 50 :open_mouth:

(Natascha) #10

Well, at first I got Belarus… but once I adjusted my numbers a little, it was Portugal :grinning:

(kim) #11

Uh, yeah . . . I’m gonna adjust my numbers. Now I’m Kuwait :sunglasses:


I’m Lithuanian . So I drink like one .

(lagatta à montréal) #13

I’m “Portuguese”. Pretty much only wine. I very rarely touch beer or spirits, and never buy them (except for friends).

I’m also the opposite of Crunch in terms of frequency and volume.


I drink like a Botswanan.
I walk like an Egyptian.


Same here Gaff . I sveikata . Or cheers




Belarus baby


Je bois comme le Français

(John Hartley) #19

You are a Bangle and I claim my prize for spotting you.


Last week, I drank like a French, (because mostly wine). But normally, I’m a Macedonian.