Which Cocktail references do you use?


After reading the cocktail thread a while, I get interested, and bought Death & Co book after many recommendation here, I must say it’s a fascinate read, but find some preparation quite complex for someone that makes an occasional drink and want to try different stuff (and also a beginner).

What books, references or sites do you use? TIA

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I like this site:


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I have an old Gary Regan book that was fun to read, but I honestly experiment a little and mix what tastes right to me



You’re right about experimenting.

Today I read that Ducasse is organizing a cocktail contest in France, the theme this year is sweet pastries. They give an example of liquid carrot cake.

I don’t know if this is the right direction to go. (And also since when Ducasse is known for his cocktail?!) But I guess the day I will lose my teeth, I will appreciate alcohol and pastries to be drinkable from a glass.

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If you have an iOS device, the PDT app is pretty nice - you can put in all the ingredients you have on hand and it will show the cocktails you can make with them (that have recipes in the app/PDT book), and also ones that need one or two more ingredients. PDT is a cocktail bar in Manhattan.

The Smuggler’s Cove book is also good if you like tiki cocktails.

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Great, that sounds convenient…as recipes always need something we don’t have at home.

Thanks for the recommendation, as we like especially rum drinks.



Bought it. Took some time to enter the database, I’m surprised there are so many unopened bottles.
App said we can make 6 recipes, 37 recipes missing 1 ingredient, 100 recipes missing 2 ingredients. Not too bad given the fact that we are running out of whisky and have no gin.

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