Where's the California board?

There’s way more to this state than LA and SF . Maybe a Nor Cal and Central Cal board for instance .Plenty of So Cal . Keep LA by itself . Out .

I agree with you that it makes zero sense to lump everything into So Cal. the only problem? there is little traffic now so they will look awfully lonely if there are a bunch of boards!

OK to split the board once there is a bit more trafffic?

The old CH model – haven’t been there lately, so I’m speaking of historical things – was LA, SF, CA in general, which eventually became LA/OC, SD, SF Bay and CA. I think that worked well, and consonant with your projections similar changes can be made if and when traffic grows that way. Right now for instance there is NO presence on any current board of any food discussion from the Heartland between Chicago and Nashville … and having eaten there I know it’s not as though there’s no culinary activity worth noticing. Even the depressing news, that damn near every small town in the region has lost its good-if-not-fancy local eateries, and now all those Sunday morning Over-the-Hill Gangs are meeting at McDonald’s! Yes, that which sucks needs notice as well.

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