Where's The Beef?!?!?! (not where you would think it is.........)

In Mc’Donald’s french fries apparently!

No wonder they’re so damned delicious.

Now that I know they’re also nutritious, I’ll supersize next time.

Thanks for the heads-up!

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Some 50 years ago, McDonald’s cooked its fries in beef fat.

I would like to try this.

It used to be like that in Belgique. There was a rumour some even used horse tallow. (Eating horse meat is still quite common these days)

By the way, “world-famous” fries would be pommes frites and it’s from Belgium.

Anyhow, this stock photo… people really eat greasy food whilst using the laptop? I don’t understand the ways of the world.

Possible, just type with 1 hand or just scroll. I sometimes do that…

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  1. You got it – beefy fries are the all-time best combination of animal fat and vegetables.

Runners-up worth supersizing:

  1. Duck fat fries:
  1. Chinese cooks stir-fry vegetables in rendered chicken fat when they have it.
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