Where would you send me on a Fri / Sat night near the Berkeley / Oakland border at 10pm?

Hi! I often am looking for food after leaving the theater ( not the downtown berkeley entertainment district but near ashby ). Usually it’s on the later side - like 9:30 to 10 - on a friday or saturday.

Nothing sensible is within a walk of the theater, so I would want good parking. Temescal is in easy reach, I probably wouldn’t go further sounth than north-downdown - we’ve gone to Mua once or twice but the parking there isn’t so great.

After the theater, which is often very intense, I’d like a glass of wine or beer. Even with a 9:45 arrival we like to linger a bit and not be rushed. However, we’re happy to put in our order quick, just as long as we can enjoy our food and talk about the play ( thus, not so loud ).

I’ve scowered the usual suspects on Yelp, and we often end up at Long Branch. Which usually has at least one really interesting and good dish, and a nice beer board, and parking, but one wants to expand ones horizons, yes?

Thoughts welcome!

Drake’s Dealership parking is like Mua, though there’s a lot of beer and late hours.

Belloti has fantastic pasta, nice wine list, open until 11:00 on Friday/Saturday and I’ve never had a problem parking there.
Miss Ollie’s, but they close at 10:00.

I have not been but I am most interested in trying Likha. Its inside Hometown Heroes, which closes late. Likha itself closes at 10pm so I assume if you are able to put your order in and pay before they close, you may be able to hang around the sports bar. No idea about noise level, however.

Always a source of frustration! Some thoughts:

-Cesars (not on the S Berk/
N Oakland area you asked about but still…)
-La Marcha
-Bateau Ivre still exists and it’s so wonderfully old school one can have a conversation!!! but my pal tells me there might be live music some nites.
-A Côté used to be a destination for great food and drinks. I still enjoy the bar
-Hogs Apoth in Oakland

  • Several of the Korean restos in N Oakland on Teleg

Thanks escargot. I am thinking of places closer to Ashby. After a play I really want to drive just a few minutes.

Does Cesars serve that late? It’s always tough with bars figuring out when the serve drinks to and when they serve food to. That’s a good reminder, I’ve always loved it. You have to fight your way through downtown berk which was out of consideration range, and I thought they cut their hours back to 10pm.

La Marcha. Yeah, we went there once, came in just under the bell, got rough service. Should try again.

A cote is way too far away and painful to park at.

Hogs Apoth - will check into, thanks!

We hit at least one of the Korean places on north telegraph - they had funny booths on the side - and had a good time. Can’t really find them at the moment, would be interested in recs.