Where within walk of the William Vale ? [N 12th St, Brooklyn]

Hi there

I have four nights in Brooklyn coming up.

All recs for breakfast and dinner within walking distance of the WV hotel very gratefully received.
All cuisines considered, though chinese usually avoided.

Healthy breakfast or brunch places would be great but if there is a great bakery nearby for takeout breakfast that is equally cool.

When last in Brooklyn (four years ago ) ate at random places such as Xixa ( ho hum, seemed more of a bar than about the food ) Rosamunde (beer and sausages and functional ).Also failed to get into what seemed a crazily busy pizza place down near DUMBO - the name of which now escapes me.
My favourite Brooklyn meal ?- years ago when Diner first opened and had a proper hungover brunch - magic place.

Favourite food ? Freshly grilled squid and a good glass of white. Have looked at Popina and am intrigued by their simplicity but put off by likely wait times and lack of other places nearby if we cant get in… when I have only a short stay… ? Any views on that ?

Have heard there is something of a pizza renaissance going on so where should I head for to sample that ? For me pizza should be all about the crispy base and they should have a margherita with fresh basil that is wonderful enough on its own without crazy ass toppings or pretension…

Nowhere too posh or stuffy please - and no where with too much of a 'who are you ? 'hipster vibe or 'attitude’either.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Had a very good lunch at Leuca, at the hotel. Excellent breakfast at Five Leaves. We went to River Cafe which is not within walking distance. Next time I want to try Lilia. Bamonte’s is also close.